Hours (starting 5/1/22):


  1 - 6  Tue

  1 - 6  Thu
10 - 3  Sat

Phone 207-422-2307



Library Administrator: Cyndi Stanley


Librarians: Christina McGowan

                    Gary Bushee

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Caring for our community


We are very grateful for the support we received from our friends and neighbors.  We delivered food to 16 families for Thanksgiving, Christmas and to 8 families in January and again in February.  We will not be delivering again for a while.  However, we are still accepting donations of food which we will use to keep the shelves outside the Thrift Store stocked.  People will have access to this food whenever the library or Thrift Store are open.  That would be Monday 2 - 6, Tuesday 1 - 5, Saturday 10 - 2.


As the Covid crisis continues, the library remains determined to be able to help its patrons.  Curbside service continues as before.  We are also accepting appointments for one person or one couple at a time.  We allow 30 minutes per visit.  Internet access is available in the parking lot 24X7.  Email or call us if you have any questions or need help, fbaylibrary2017@gmail.com -    422-2307. 

CURBSIDE SERVICE is now available during all hours that the library is open. The NEW HOURS are Monday 2 - 6 and Saturday 10 - 2.

To borrow a book without having to come into the library, either call us at 422-2307 or email us at fbaylibrary2017@gmail.com

If you wish a copy of how to use our website to peruse the card catalog, please email us and we will send you a copy of the directions.

Books for curbside service will be in a bag or a box with your name on and will be brought out to you by one of us. We will sanitize our hands before handling your books and wear a mask when we meet you at the door.

All books are quarantined for a week upon return.

No one is allowed in the library without an appointment. If you arrive at the library and no patrons are using the library, you will be allowed in. Call us from your car if you can. All time slots are for 30 minutes. No one is allowed in the library without a mask and without washing or sanitizing your hands. If you find yourself with the symtoms of the virus please request curbside service or home delivery. If you have been out of state or even out of our area or exposed to someone from out of state, please quarantine yourself for 14 days before requesting and appointment.

If you need to use the computer for longer than 30 minutes, we advise you to avail yourself of the free wifi if it is not too hot to sit in your car. Free wifi is available 24/7.



Anti-racism Resources for All Ages

       Please click the link below